Meet the STORY Behind the Brand.


Hi, I'm Dana Sherell!

My goal is to promote healthy skin while building self-confidence for men and women. As a teenager, I never experienced the "awkwardness" of acne. However, it became an embarrassing struggle when I became an adult. I would wear HEAVY make-up to cover up blemishes and dark marks that the acne left behind. Most of all I was trying to cover up the  acne cratering!!! My adult acne was out of control and I didn't know what to do. Every over-the-counter product  from the overly expensive brands to the 'economical' and more affordable brands, just didn't work. I got tired and one day I made an appointment with my dermatologist and the first thing I said to her was: "NO MEDICATION", but in a more pleasant tone. I didn't want any medication.  I did at least establish that part. I knew I needed to change my diet and lay off the dairy. I would eventually discover the junk I was putting in my body is what was causing so many issues that flared up my "hormonal acne."

Next, I found a really great esthetician in LA who specialized in problematic skin. I then invested money and time to nourish my skin from that day forward. I was soooo happy with my results. Every 4-6 weeks I would take time to get a facial or do a micro-needling session. The results were amazing!!!. BUT  wait, what about the aftercare? I needed products. I wanted products that were organic and affordable. Products that would have the same type of "high-end ingredients " but at an affordable price. I couldn't find what I wanted so in 2016 I decided to create my brand and company. WAHLA, Sherell Skincare was born. Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness!! My goal was to build my self-esteem. Make-up is great and fun but I wanted to feel confident without it. I want my clients to feel the same way. I want you to invest in your skin because it's going to represent you for very a long time. 

I want to promote healthy skin to preserve your youthful glow! Less filters and more radiance. 

The products I offer will hydrate dry skin while renewing tired skin with long-lasting effects. Each product will help customer's faces feel smooth and nourished. All of my products are cruelty-free, nontoxic, no harsh chemicals or parabens. They contain high-end plant-based ingredients at an affordable cost! Receive spa-like treatments in the comfort of your own home!

I established Sherell Skincare in 2016 in my hometown of Moreno Valley, California. My products are made in the U.S and most of all they're VEGAN! Currently, my products are only sold online but will be available and sold at SKA Beauty Bar ( Coming Soon)


Please feel free to contact me any time if you have questions regarding my products. Samples are available per request and standard shipping rates will apply.  

NOTE: As the world slowly reopens Sherell Skincare will return to beauty events soon. I'll be sure to post schedule dates, locations, and times to keep you all updated.  CHEERS to a great skincare regimen !!!


Contact Number:

(888) 590-9779

Phone Hours:'

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
Saturday, 11am - 9pm
Sunday, 11am - 5p