NEW: BO Young Luxury Mens Line

Sherell Skincare has finally launched its vegan men's line with the introduction of their Cold Brew Beard Oil. Our CEO decided to name her line in honor of her late grandfather Boise Young, who also went by the name BO.

Boise was born in 1921 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Boise had what we call now the ultimate "hustlers ambition." He was a well known Shoe Shiner at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. During this time blacks didn't have the same opportunity as their white counterparts. However, Boise's spirit of entrepreneurship helped him launch his own men's grooming line. He believed looking good wasn't important but that it was about self-respect.

This new coffee-scented beard oil quenches and softens even the roughest beards. Men you can now easily groom and nourish your beards during your morning or evening routine.

Our natural Cold Brew Beard Oil benefits the hair with many conditioning properties derived from argan, apricot, and crambe abyssinica seeds and kernels. This can help with itching by soothing skin caused by rough hair. 

Stop by our shop today and try it out!

We honor you BO and will continue your grooming legacy!

(Boise Young) XOXOXOXO